Who I am

I like trusting and following my intuition. Life is an “Up and Down” ride and I want to live each and every day “The Way I Choose”. Most of us go through unique “Rough and Tumble” circumstances during our lives, making us who we are today and maybe that is the reason everyone is looking for a “Guiding Light”. But then we tend to forget that the only place to find it, is inside us. I keep reminding myself, not to take life so seriously. It is not bad to live a “Wild Night Of The City” once in a while…just to realize that there is a “Princess Love” always lodged in your mind. If I could turn back time, I would make the same mistakes for “A Thousand Years” and then I would just stare at the “Luminous Sky” that I love so much. It is like a “Tap Dance”…you have to keep dancing rhythmically until the song is over. The song will be over one day and I hope you are lucky enough to realize that “Ain’t Nothing Without Love”.
Peace and Love, Argie

Short Bio

Some more info about me
Argie Gudo is a singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist. He was born in Greece, but is based in London, UK. He began writing music at a young age and performed in various music venues as a solo act and with a band as well. Argie Gudo has written a considerable number of songs including both lyric and guitar instrumental songs. On the 14th of May 2018 he released his new album "Elements". You can buy it here. Worth noting, Argie is a graduate of Social Administration department, social worker, of the Democritus University of Thrace.


My new album "ELEMENTS" is released! You can buy the whole album below.
Or you can buy single tracks and check out some samples here.

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All Over Again

Argie Gudo - Elements Album
Listen to ''All Over Again'', from my new album 'ELEMENTS'.

Take It or Leave It

Argie Gudo - Elements Ablum
Listen to ''Take It or Leave It'', from my new album 'ELEMENTS'.

When we were young

When we were young - Adele (Live recorded cover by Argie Gudo)

Global Battle Of The Bands

LIVE - 2016
This live is from the 2nd semifinal of Global Battle Of The Bands held at the Eightball - Thessaloniki. Thank you "Local Stage Live" for the video shooting.


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